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A special broadside in memory of Nancy Willard (1936-2017), who left this world many gifts of her own making. She was a great translator of the human spirit, as anyone who has read her poetry, novel, essays, and children’s books surely knows. We were lucky to create seven books with her over twenty-five years. Her husband and artistic collaborator, Eric Lindbloom, selected this poem to accompany this photograph from his “Window Shopping” series.

    Photogravure by Eric Lindbloom; poem by Nancy Willard. Text handset in Futura and printed letterpress. Copper photogravure plates made by Paul Taylor at Renaissance Press. Type and chine collé gravure printed by Nelle Martin and Michele Burgess on handmade Twinrocker paper. Signed by the artist and the printers. Edition of 40. 2019.

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