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The Color System: Schemes for Life Enhancement
(or Because I Love You I Can Come Apart)

Framed as a book of color swatches one might find at a paint or interior design shop, where each color name evokes paradisical vacations or quaint Americana, California artist Jenny Yoshida Park satirizes aspects of modern American life, such as distraction, societal norms, and the fetishization of the exotic. 107 hand painted paste paper colors are labeled with names that evoke the vastness and variety of cultural and personal experience, both positive and negative, esoteric and common. Colorized, vintage photographs offer a deadpan illustration of the category, creating a false nostalgia for times past which may not have been as great as we would like to remember.
    Interrupting the pages is the rough draft of a poem, “Because I Love You I Can Come Apart,” by Vermont poet Bianca Stone. Typed on hand ruled scraps of translucent paper, the lines from the poem interject an intimate, personal voice into the sheen of corporatism. Wild and wandering, Stone’s imagery flits from one facet of existence to another, bringing into focus the small and sometimes contradictory moments that add up to a lived life.

Poem and endnotes by Bianca Stone; color names, paste papers, and digital collages by Jenny Yoshida Park. Text in Futura and Jenson printed letterpress on Rives handmade paper. Hand bound in Maharam cloth. Housed in a four-fold enclosure and covered in phony leather. 11 1/2" x 9 1/2". Edition of 45. 2019.

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