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Diana in Sight

In 1978-79, poet Nancy Willard and artist Eric Lindbloom traveled together with their young son through the northeastern U.S. while Willard was on various poetry reading tours. They then went to Italy and Holland. Lindbloom made these photographs in small, largely unnoticed places along the way. According to him: “These photographs were all about the joy of using the lighthearted Diana, a toy camera, after a long apprenticeship with a 4’ x 5’ stand camera, with its physical and historical weight on my back. They were part of a series called ‘Private Lives of Public Places.’” Willard wrote the poems twenty years later in 1998. They surprise the reader with an unexpected subtext of absence and loss that underlies the images. In her words: “Let the Shepherd of Tides call Diana back.”

Poems by Nancy Willard; archivally hand printed Diana photographs by Eric Lindbloom. Text hand set in Spectrum and Castellar and printed on Twinrocker “Turner Blue” handmade paper. Case bound by Sonja Jones and Michele Burgess in Japanese cloth and hand marbled paper and housed in a clamshell box. 13 1/4" x 10 11/16". Edition of 30. 2009. $3,600.

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