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Figures Made Visible in the Sadness of Time

A book about two forms growing from visions imagined in a garden of night. One, a cycle of poems haunted by questions and memories. The other, a visual response to this imagined place and to the words so evocative of a time, shrouded in silence.

This four-year project includes a broadside, paintings, and sculpture by Bill Kelly which were all shown together at the Fresno Art Museum in 2005. The central poem in the book, "Elegiac Fragments" is printed for the first time and also appears as a broadside.

Poems by Peter Everwine; etchings and pochoirs by Bill Kelly on Twinrocker paper. Etchings printed by the artist and Michele Burgess. Text hand set in Perpetua and printed letterpress by Nelle Martin and Michele Burgess. Bound by Sonja Jones in hand dyed linen with pochoir on the cover, housed in a clamshell box made by Mark Tomlinson. 11 1/2" x 8 5/8". Edition of 40. 2003.

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