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Ghost Trees

Martha Serpas writes: “Oaks that have been killed by saltwater intrusion stand on ridges in the marsh. They are like whitewashed grave markers. Even in trawling season, when the air and water seem full of abundance, the trees are reminders of a lost abundant past. The emotional content of that past, the events, the history—that is, the human experience—is irrelevant and that knowledge of our irrelevance continues to break into our present, ‘forking the darkness.’” This is volume ten of “The Stratigraphic Archives” series.

Poem by Martha Serpas; twenty-three drypoints and two etchings by Michele Burgess on Cave and Gampi papers. Text hand set in Perpetua and printed letterpress by Nelle Martin. Etchings and drypoints printed by the artist, Nelle Martin, and Bill Kelly. Bound by Mark Tomlinson in vellum and paper and housed in a Maharam cloth covered clamshell box. Each book includes one of the copper plates from which the edition was pulled. 10" x 12 1/2". Edition of 25. 2017. $4,300.

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