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Homage to Goya

Homage to Goya is the most recent collaboration between Ian Tyson and Jerome Rothenberg, whose projects together span the past several decades. About this response to Francisco de Goya's Disasters of War, Tyson says, "The intention of the design and images was to reflect the feeling of political and social menace in the Goya etchings, which is still pertinent today. I have used the vertical and horizontal to suggest enclosed space—cells, gallows, prisons." From Rothenberg's poem: "Caprichos, Goya, Lorca/all my duendes,/locked into a cage/at dawn, evading/sleep & dreams,/those whom they leave/behind them, fathers/raising arms/ to heaven,/screaming through/their empty/mouths like caverns/black holes/where all light/is lost./Now is the time."

Poems by Jerome Rothenberg; relief and intaglio prints by Ian Tyson on custom made Twinrocker and Kozo handmade papers. Text hand set in Bembo and letterpress printed along with the reliefs by Nelle Martin. Leporello binding in Cave Paper housed in a hand painted, linen covered tray case with a sculpture mounted on the cover made at Brighton Press. 6 1/16" x 14 7/8". Edition of 40. 2008.

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