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How It Is

We know what a poet thinks by the shape of his words. Peter Everwine's poems are his way of looking into a shadow and finding the emerging form of his concerns, his sorrow, his loss, and his hopes. Bill Kelly has continued to inhabit this landscape, a place imagined as a garden. His woodcut is a tribute to Peter's mother, Lena, to the inhabitants of this and any garden in our memory. "How It Is" is a poem that generates a vision of what poetry can be, sustaining hope that our memories are worthy of our expression. It is a place on the edge of shadows with fleeting glimpses of other lives as well.

Poem by Peter Everwine; twelve-page woodcut by Bill Kelly on Seichosen and Twinrocker papers. Text hand-set in Bembo and printed letterpress by Nelle Martin. Woodcut printed by the artist. Leporello binding in hand painted paper over boards and Twinrocker Walnut paper, housed in a silk-covered clamshell box made by Sonja Jones. 6 7/8" x 25 3/4". Edition of 35. 2005.

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