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Janet and DeLoss: Poems and Pictures

DeLoss McGraw: "In trying to do honor to the writing, I felt the book format should be extreme—but as a vertical. I believe this was because Janet is tall and slender. The color choice for the box covering gave me a problem. I wanted it red, but not a crimson (sexy) red, but a warm, subtle but firm statement: so it became a red oxide. At first, I wanted the text and the titles of the pictures to be in two tints of color, but to put Janet Lewis's poetry in pastel is a sin, so we printed the words in gray..."

Five poems and four translations by Janet Lewis; nine hand painted woodcuts by DeLoss McGraw. Text hand set in Garamond and printed letterpress by Bill Kelly in gray ink on Rives Heavyweight paper. Unbound, housed in a clamshell box covered with hand painted linen made by David Brock. 22 1/8" x 7 5/8". Edition of 45. 1990.

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