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Mahler: Poems and Etchings

The music of Gustav Mahler serves as a touchstone for poet C. G. Hanzlicek, who asks that the composer "listen to him for a change." Hanzlicek reflects on the nine symphonies in a parallel series of intimate poems, addressing the composer directly. Prochazka’s eight moody images resonate between the poems, revealing the artist’s restless exploration of a tactile landscape of etched and engraved line.

Nine poems by C. G. Hanzlicek; eight etchings by Olda Prochazka on Rives paper. Text hand set in Perpetua and printed letterpress in two colors. Bound by David Brock in paste paper over boards and by Claudia Cohen in cloth printed with a Curwen pattern. Slipcase. 15 5/8” x 11 3/4”. Edition of 55. 1995.

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