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Paper Bridge

In this new artist’s book, artist Ellen Schechner-Johnson explores the legend of the “Paper Bridge,” seeking to express the historic liminality of Jewish existence, the image of the wandering Jew, the subjects of displacement, homelessness, and disconnection—of belonging and not belonging. The poems by Kadya Molodowsky express this, specifically, and are placed as touchstones or buried treasure within the collaged fragments of text and expressive etchings by the artist. Molodowsky’s poems are printed letterpress in both Yiddish and English.

Poems by Kadya Molodowsky; hand painted etchings, drypoints, and collages by Ellen Schechner-Johnson. Letterpress printed text on handmade paper by Twinrocker and the Morgan Conservatory. Hand bound in linen and paste paper and housed in a clamshell box mounted with two drypoint prints.
9” x 13”. Edition of 30. 2023. $3,800.

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