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  • Michele Burgess

The Blood Poem

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Here is a recording of Chard deNiord reading the poem “Where and How Blood Was Made”—the inspiration for the book. The word pairings are printed in small caps, one at a time, beginning with the drawing of the first female nude. Also, here is his written reflection on the poem:

I wrote “Where and How Blood Was Made” as my final project for an interdisciplinary faculty seminar I

participated in at Providence College in the spring of 2012, titled “Blood.” As the son of a thoracic and

cardiovascular surgeon who witnessed plenty of blood as a teenager while observing several of my father’s

operations, I had always wanted to write about blood but felt too overwhelmed by the emotional intensity and

range of the subject to begin. The above seminar encompassed a broad, eclectic curriculum that examined the

legacy and phenomenon of blood from theological, philosophical, mythological, scientific, artistic, historical, and

literary perspectives that helped me find my own mythological starting point: “In a sea beneath the sea without

a name.” The rest flowed from this one image.

Note: The two lines from the poem that are traced on the cover of the book, are “…never mind the eons/that turned into seconds in retrospect.”

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