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Procrustes Inn Register

In Greek legend, Procrustes was a celebrated robber who haunted the road near Eleusis. When guests accepted his hospitality, he made them lie on one of his two beds, one very long, the other very short. If the guest did not fit, he was cropped or stretched to fit.

       Sculptor Robert Cremean took the idea of pagination and transformed his progressive, memory-based forms into a book that was the basis for a subsequent installation of sculpture and drawings called "The Procrustes Trilogy." He said: "It would seem that the making of this book at this time is a natural sequential pagination of my process as an artist and as a person. It was unavoidable..."

Drypoints, embossing, and holographic text handwritten by Robert Cremean printed on Arches 88 paper. Title and colophon pages hand set in Bembo and printed letterpress by Nelle Martin. Etchings and embossings printed by Michele Burgess. Unbound in a linen covered tray case made by David Brock. 21" x 17". Edition of 28. 1994. Seven deluxe copies of the book are contained in a handmade wooden slipcase inset with one of the seven scribed copper plates and bas reliefs used in printing the edition.

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