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SEVEN motes of zen dust

SEVEN motes of zen dust is Ian Tyson’s third collaboration with Brighton Press. The book represents his dialogue, in words and images, with seven Zen Buddhist koans. A koan is a Japanese riddle or paradox in the Buddhist tradition that is meant to be contemplated until the end of time. Tyson writes, “Using more or less consistent phrases, I have added personal commentary that may seem at variance with the koan. My intention is to intensify the original by opposing it with an alternative reference. The printing of the ‘core’ koan text and blocks in black on handmade paper with the ‘commentary’ text and blocks printed in color on a translucent Twinrocker paper—which is overlaid on it—emphasizes the two aspects of the extracts.” Tyson sees the images not as an illustration of this text-making process, but as a corollary to it since lines and color blocks also suggest double readings.

Seven Japanese koans with elaborations and woodcuts by Ian Tyson. Printed on Twinrocker and Cave papers. Type set in Helvetica Neue and printed letterpress by Nelle Martin. Unbound and housed in an embossed tray case covered in cross-dyed linen made by Sonja Jones. 12 3/8" x 9". Edition of 40. 2015. $3,500.

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