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Sternberg: A Life in Woodcuts

From the Foreword by Bella Lewitzky: "Because Harry's life and art are one, it is logical that his autobiography would be not in words, but larger than words—his art. Harry's sense of invention would lead him to choose this form of description. His individualism guides him on a path not yet explored by others. How right this is!"

Forty autobiographical woodcuts by Harry Sternberg on Kitakata and Gutenberg papers. Bound by David Brock covered in Richard de Bas paper with silk spine and printed with a woodcut by the artist. Text hand set in Bodoni and printed letterpress by Hal Truschke along with the woodcuts. Housed in a plexiglass slipcase. 13 1/4" x 10 5/8". Edition of 40. Deluxe edition of 40 includes all 40 woodcuts spoon printed on Okawara paper and signed. 1991.

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