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Three Poems Disrupting a Language

Our fiftieth book is a bilingual colloquy on three central issues: design, translation, and the shifting relationship of our disciplines to matters of visual association. Three voices—an artist, a writer, and then a collective “designer”—wrestle within the form of a book to characterize the complexity of communicating with one another. After working together in various capacities and places, Bill Kelly—as a writer in this case—and Miya Hannan—as an image maker in a number of disciplines—made a decision to join words and images together to explore their nodding heads of appreciation on the topic of birds. Three Poems Disrupting a Language is an exploration of their very different origins and methods of form making, and is a manifestation of the intricacies of collaboration.

Three poems by Bill Kelly; pochoirs, woodcuts, and translations by Miya Hannan on handmade papers from Twinrocker and the Morgan Conservatory. Type set in Kabel and printed letterpress in three colors by Nelle Martin. Pochoirs printed by the artist. Handpainted and stenciled binding housed in a clamshell box covered in Japanese silk made by Sonja Jones. 9" x 12 3/4". Edition of 40. 2017/18. $3,800.

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