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"Hear I am don't you see me?"
       —Hand lettered sign in the front yard of Mary Tillman Smith (1904-1995),

          Hazelhurst, Mississippi

"But then I wanted to move out of the texts, hence the 'hearing' and 'seeing' take place, as if the weeds and clouds and bugs remain in our passing. We make such small gestures, no? And the weeds and the bugs simply go on—indifferent and without us."

       —Peter Everwine

"I wanted to move within the texts and images. Hence the marks, the 'seeing' and 'places,' which Peter chose to name. Small gestures, yes. The ghosts of trees and bugs and, after our passing, this book will remain a memory of our work together as two artists grappling with shadows and form."

       —Bill Kelly

Prose poems by Peter Everwine; chine collé etchings with pochoir by Bill Kelly. Text hand set in Romulus and printed letterpress by Nelle Martin. Etchings printed by the artist. Bound in paste paper by Michele Burgess. Tray case covered in hand woven cotton made by Sonja Jones. 18" x 13". Edition of 30. 2010.

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