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A Woman Hit by a Meteor

Sandra Alcosser: "One must look up to enter these etchings, tip one's chin, exposing the throat. The brain, the crown, moves off center, lifting the heart, permitting correspondence with darkness. I lived with (these) etchings for several months. Conversed with them. To collaborate is to travel in the imaginary of another, to abandon one's solitary practices. At night while I slept, my feet grew sooty."

       The third book in the "Women in the Western Landscape" series that includes Sleeping Inside the Glacier and Glyphs, this book was designed to the scale of the human body at 44" x 31". Each stanza of the poem moves down on each page, as a meteor falls. The iridescent red silk cover acts as a lure to the "sooty" black aquatints inside.

Poem by Sandra Alcosser in response to six etchings by Michele Burgess. Text hand set in Romulus and printed letterpress by Nelle Martin on Mulberry paper. Etchings printed on Fabriano paper by the artist and Alvin Buenaventura. Bound by Mark Tomlinson in Japanese stab binding in silk. Cloth enclosure. 44" x 31". Edition of 10. 2001.

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